Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding of my dreams...

Picture it, getting ready for your wedding.

Hanging out, watching TV taking your sweet time.

You would think there would be someone here to help you with your hair right? Someone to help you into your gown or to put on your vale? How about someone to tell you where you are at for time, when you needed to head to the altar?

Nope, not for me.

I can't get my hair right and my vale is way to big for my head. I have to bend the metal comb in half to get it to the size of my head and it won't stay in my hair no matter what I do. It is so over sized! Why isn't it working?! My hair is a mess and I can't get it to lay right. I am a mess. Not only that, my dress is at LEAST 2 sizes too big. I don't know what happened here. We had had it tailored to fit me! The underwear I bought also doesn't fit, it is WAY too big and keeps falling off. What a disaster! All this on my wedding day and no one here to help me!

Now I am late for my OWN WEDDING! I walk into the church, alone mind you, and there are THOUSANDS of people here. Who the heck ARE all these people? I thought our wedding was only 16 people and that is INCLUDING John and I! This is craziness. It's like I am at church at the 10:35 service and everyone is there for MY wedding. NOT what I wanted at all, how could this happen? Oh well it doesn't really matter.

Okay, so I move past that and start down the isle. John is there waiting for me...

WHAT!?!?!?!? oh my gosh. He has a full beard! Not just a little scruff, a little scruff can be very sexy on him, but a FULL ON BEARD! Like Santa only black!!! AAAAND he isn't wearing the amazing suit we got him for the wedding. He's wearing some ugly brown get up. It's similar to a suit but it is frumpy looking, he looks almost like he dug the clothes out of the dirty hamper. I'm upset now. How can this happen? The wedding I always dreamed about was not happening... I look terrible, I was late and my future husband looks like he just stepped out of a dirty clothes hamper!! I'm stuck! This is my life! There's no turning back now! AHHHHHH!!!

John then flexes his bicep in my face saying "Boom! That's what you get!" like he always does when he's "punishing me" for something I've done.

The world is at peace again and I am happy. I don't care about his beard or his dirty clothes. I don't care about my dress or how I look or about the fact that I was late to our wedding. I hold on to his arm and we get married.

I am happy. He is amazing.

And that, my friends, was the wedding of my dreams. :p

Always in Him and with Love,


These are some "from our wedding blog" words

by Nicole

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